Olivia and I

Una bolsa con recortes de mundo.
No es fácil sacar al hombre de su
indiferencia, por eso vale la pena recordar-


In GIFs: TEDx — a global community built around ideas. An average of 8 TEDx events happen each day, Ever wonder what happens in a year? Since the launch of TEDx in 2009, there have been over 9,000 events in 150 countries. For a glimpse into what that was like in 2013, check out this video featuring TEDx Talks from all across the globe»

Contenta de ser parte de este fenómeno.

Sos muy sábado a la tarde. En la carpa de #RedBull
Hasta podría ser esposa en este vestido. #inlove #outfit #picoftheday
Sabiduría de #book @gentediciendo #men #love cc @EveLloret
Llegó la @gentediciendo, The #book #happyhour #read. Gracias @ezemandelbaum
Amores #osos, amores sosos. #Lotto #HerejeStyle
Un feca y una flor. #fall #inlove #igerscbaar #picoftheday
Nada describe más ahora que el ahora. #present #past Repost from @ted


When casting sculptures like “Self In Progress” above, artist Alwar Balasubramaniam has to sit extremely still while the plaster around him dries. His expressive, highly symbolic poses are meant as 3D self-portraits. They capture a trace of who he was in that moment. He says, “The way to understand the past is only by the traces available [in the present], because we cannot go back. So I started capturing traces.” on.ted.com/whitesculpture
Así da gusta ser una vaca #Repost from @freyastores #fashion 


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It’s a Pollock, it’s a Haring; it’s a person! — How one photographer transforms people into art: Veteran photographer Art Wolfe has spent years documenting everything from landscapes in Madagascar to the art of the Maori tribe. In his newest series, The Human Canvas Project, he draws from his experience as a painter to blend the human form seamlessly into his images.

In a talk at TEDxRainier, Wolfe gives insight into his evolution as a photographer, and just how he transforms a regular person into a work of art.

Watch the whole talk here»